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Currently over 150 objects described

On this site you will find the description of objects which either cannot be touched or just by touch cannot be appreciated.

It is designed to help blind people better imagine their environment.

There are so many things we know about, but when we really want to understand what it looks like, after some research we are presented by a picture. It is useful if you can see the picture, but for those who can't see this is when the flow of information stops. The aim of this site is to allow blind people to gain as much information as possible about different objects.

At this point, we have information about buildings, animals, plants, logos and coins, but the list is growing.

Activate the browse link at the beginning of the page, and have fun exploring.

This site is not an image description service. There are some great places doing it very well, they will be referenced here soon. The only aim of this site is to help blind people understand what objects look like which either surround them, or are at the other side of the Globe.

Please feel free to use the descriptions in projects related to blind people with providing proper reference to this site.