0.5 Dollar km199 United States

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Country United States
Value 0.5
Denomination Dollar
KM# 199 Dates 1948-1963 Notes Franklin Half Dollar


Franklin Half 1963 D Obverse

A profile of Benjamin Franklin facing to the right, hair flowing down to his shoulders. Above him is printed the word "LIBERTY" and below him is printed the words "IN GOD WE TRUST". To the right of his lapel is printed the date.


Franklin Half 1963 D Reverse

The Liberty Bell, complete with mount, and with both the crack in the bell and the clapper visible. Above the Liberty Bell is written "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA", and below it in larger lettering is printed "HALF DOLLAR". To the left of the Liberty Bell is printed in small lettering "-E- PLURIBUS ANUM", each word to its own line. To the right of the Liberty Bell is a small eagle with wings aloft.

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