10 Cents KM195a Roosevelt Dime United States

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Country United States
Value 10
Denomination Cents
KM# 195a Dates 2003 Notes Roosevelt Dime


A profile of Roosevelt, facing left. He has short hair and, hair combed back. a slightly off-center parting. He has crow's feet at the corner of his eye, smile lines, and pronounced chin dent hollows in his temples and below his cheek bone, showing his age. Starting level with his mouth is written in large letters in a clockwise direction "LIBERTY". Below his chin is written over two lines "IN GOD WE TRUST". Along the edge of his neckline on the right is written in tiny lettering "JS" and above it to the right is printed the year. Above the year is printed the mint mark.


In the center, the liberty torch, and on either side, an olive branch with two olives growing out (on the left) and an oak branch with two acorns growing out(on the right). Written between the lower third of these three objects in small lettering is "E - PLURIBUS - UNUM", dissected by the olive branch between PLU and RIB, by the torch between RIB and US, and by the oak branch between U and NUM. Around the top of the coin is written "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and at the bottom is written "ONE DIME". There are round bullet points separating these two phrases, one on each side.

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