10 Krajcar KM443.1 Hungary

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Country Hungary
Value 10
Denomination Krajcar
KM# 443.1 Dates 1869 Notes 10 Krajcar (Hungary)


AHGkr hun 10 1867 mintmark on reverse obverse

A profile of Franz Joseph I of Austria facing right. He is wearing a laurel wreath and the ribbon from the laurel wreath falls down the back of his neck. He has bushy eyebrows, a curly mustache and enormous sideburns, but no beard. Around him is written "FERENCZ JÓZSEF A. CSÁSZÁR MAGYARORSZÁG AP. KIRÁLYA" (meaning "Franz Joseph, emperor and king of Hungary". Lining the rim of the coin is a small scalloped pattern.


AHGkr hun 10 1869 reverse

The regent crown of Hungary, consisting of a diadem above which is two corona latina cross, on top of which sits the jewelled cross, tilting slightly to the right. There are seven beaded strings with crosses at the bottom hanging from the crown. Below is written a big "10" and on the next line "KRAJCZÁR". Below this is written the year. At the bottom of the coin are two olive branches which meet at the bottom. There is a mint mark directly above this point. At the top of the coin on either side of the crown is written "VÁLTÓ PÉNZ". The rim is lining with a small scalloped pattern.

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