10 Poltura KM264.1 Hungary

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Country Hungary
Value 10
Denomination Poltura
KM# 264.1 Dates 1706 Notes 10 Poltura (Hungary)


Hun Rakoczi X Poltura 1704 Huszar 1535 obverse

A Hungarian coat of arms consisting of horizontal stripes on the left and a double cross with crown at its base on the middle of three hills on the right.Above it is a crown with five rays visible, each of which has an elaborate diamond-shaped design at the top. The year is split into two digits on either side of the shield.


Hun Rakoczi X Poltura 1704 Huszar 1535 reverse

At the top of the coin is written "PRO LIBERTATE", one word to each line. Below is a large "X" enclosed in four scroll shapes to form a rounded rectangle. On the left and right of this rectangle, the scrolls are separated by a small flower bud shape.

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