1 Denar KM27 Hungary

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Country Hungary
Value 1
Denomination Denar
KM# 27 Dates 1510 Notes 1 Denar (Hungary)


A coat of arms consisting of a eagle in the center surrounded by a border, horizontal stripes on the left,and a double cross in the top right corner and a man riding a horse in the bottom right corner.This coat of arms is surrounded by a rope-like circle outside of which is written "WLADISLAI - R - VNGAR - (year)". The points between each word are five-petalled flowers.


A seated Madonna, draped in cloth, holding the baby Jesus in her arms. They are circled by a rope-like pattern outside if which appear the words "PATRONA" on the right and "VNGARIE" on the left. Before and after each word is a five-petalled flower.