1 Dollar KM310 United States

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Country United States
Value 1
Denomination Dollar
KM# 310 Dates 2000 Notes Sacagawea Dollar


Sacagawea with back turned but head facing towards the viewer over the right shoulder. Her hair is braided and she has a hooped earring on her right ear. The stitching on the epaulette of her shirt can be seen. Fastened to her back with folds of cloth is her sleeping baby, also with his head turned to the right. Above the baby's head is written in small letters "IN GOD WE TRUST", two words to each line. Above Sacagawea's head is written "LIBERTY" and below her chin on the right is written the year. Below the year is the mint mark, either P, D or S.


An eagle in flight from right to left, feet tucked back under tail, with wingtips visible and strong definition in the feathers all over the body. Above its head to the left is written "E PLURIBUS UNUM", each word to its own line. Surrounding the eagle in a ring that is intersected by the tips of its wings and its tail, is a constellation of seventeen stars. Above this ring is written "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and below it is written "ONE DOLLAR".

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