1 Dollar KM404 James Madison United States

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Country United States
Value 1
Denomination Dollar
KM# 404 Dates 2007 Notes Presidential Dollar (James Madison)


1 dollar James Madison

James Madison in three-quarter profile with eyes looking directly at the viewer. Wavy chin-length hair swept back to reveal two widow's peaks in his hairline. He is wearing a neck cloth and high-collared coat,one button of which is visible, and the ruffles of his shirt can just be seen above the cut-off point for the bust. At his lapel on the left is written in tiny lettering "JI" and on his lapel on the right is written in tiny lettering "DE". At the top of the coin is written "JAMES MADISON" and at the bottom of the coin is written "4th PRESIDENT 1809 - 1817".


On all presidential dollars, the Statue of Liberty in left-facing three-quarter profile, viewed from below. The folds of her robe are in stark relief and she is holding a book in her left hand (on the book is written in tiny lettering "DE") and the liberty torch aloft in her right hand. Just to the left of Liberty's armpit is written "$1". A circle surrounds the statue, dissected by the torch on the left and the book on the right. Outside of this circle, starting from Liberty's torso on the left, is written in a ring "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA". This is bissected by the flame of the torch between STATES and OF.

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