1 Dollar KM 150 United States

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Country United States
Value 1
Denomination Dollar
KM# 150 Dates 1921-1935 Notes Peace Dollar


Peace dollar obverse

Liberty in profile facing left with mouth slightly open, hair pinned up with some loose strands blowing to the right, and wearing a crown with rays fanned out towards the edge of the coin. Written around the top edge of the coin in big lettering is “LIBERTY”, with a larger than average space between the I and the B due to the rays of the crown. About two-thirds down the coin is written in a straight line, in small lettering, “IN – GOD – WE TRVST” with the neck of Liberty separating WE and TRVST. Underneath Liberty is written the year.


Peace dollar reverse

An eagle standing on a rock clutching an olive branch, facing away but with head turned to the right. In the background the rays of the sun can be seen. At the top of the coin is written “UNITED – STATES – OF – AMERICA”. Inside this half-circle is written “E – PLURIBUS – UNUM”, with the eagle's head separating PLURIBUS and UNUM. At the level of the eagle's tail is written “ONE DOLLAR”, with ONE falling to the left of the eagle and DOLLAR falling to the right of it. At the bottom of the rock is written in small letters “PEACE”.

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