1 Dollar Louis Braille KM455 United States

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Country United States
Value 1
Denomination Dollar
KM# 455 Dates 2009 Notes Louis Braille Birth Bicentennial Dollar


Louis Braille facing forward with short wavy hair swept back from his forehead and wearing a neck cloth, a waistcoat with one button visible at the top, and a jacket on top. He has a pronounced brow bone and high cheekbones. On his lapel to the left is written in tiny lettering "JI" and on his lapel to the right is written in tiny lettering "PH". Below the cut-off of his bust is written "LOUIS BRAILLE".Above this writing on the left side is written "1809", the date of his birth, and above it on the right side is written "2009". Below this in tiny lettering is the mint mark. To the right of Braille's ear is written over two lines in small lettering "IN GOD WE TRUST". Around the edge of teh coin in big lettering, and partially obscured by the top of Braille's head, is the word "LIBERTY".


In the foreground a table with an open book on it and seated at the table to the right is a young boy wearing a t-shirt and reading the Braille book. Behind the boy to the left is a two-tiered bookshelf filled with books. Across the top of the bookshelf is written "INDEPENDENCE". Behind the boy's head is written in small lettering "E PLURIBUS UNUM" and in tiny lettering behind his chair is written "JFM". Above the book shelf is written in braille the abbreviation for "braille", BRL. At the top of the coin is written "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and at the bottom of the coin is written "ONE DOLLAR".

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