1 Filler KM480 Hungary

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Country Hungary
Value 1
Denomination Filler
KM# 480 Dates 1902 Notes 1 Filler (Hungary)


The Holy Crown of Hungary, with three hanging pendants visible. Below the middle pendant is written the year. At the bottom of the coin is a six-pointed star. Starting to the left of this is written in a ring "MAGYAR KIRÁLYI VÁLTÓPÉNZ". There is a small scalloped pattern lining the rim of the coin.


AHKf 1 1895 reverse

Two sheaves of wheat tied together at the bottom, with a ribbon, like a wreath. In the center of the coin is written a large "1" and below it in small lettering is written "K-B", the mint mark. There is a small scalloped border to the coin.

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