1 Forint KM449.2 Hungary

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Country Hungary
Value 1
Denomination Forint
KM# 449.2 Dates 1869 Notes 1 Forint (Hungary)


AHG 1 forint 1878 Selmecbanya obverse

A profile of Franz Joseph I of Austria facing right. He is wearing a laurel wreath and the ribbon from the laurel wreath falls down the back of his neck. He has bushy eyebrows, a curly mustache and enormous sideburns, but no beard. Around him is written "FERENCZ JÓZSEF A - CSÁSZÁR" (meaning "Franz Joseph,the emperor"). Below him is written "K.B." Lining the rim of the coin is a small scalloped pattern.


AHG hun 1 1868 reverse

The Hungarian coat of arms with two angels holding up the crown as though about to set it down in top of the shield. The crown has seven strands of beads, each with a cross at the bottom,hanging from it. The angels are in midflight, wings tucked behind them, hair pinned up, and bodies at a 45 degree angle. Each angel is wearing a long robe and is bending her knees slightly, the knee of the outside leg bent even more so that the calf is almost horizontal.Below the shield is are two olive branches which cross at the bottom. Below this is written "1*F" (standing for one forint). This dissects a phrase written around the edge of the coin, "MAGYAR ORSZÁG AP. KIRÁLYA" ("King of Hungary"), falling between ORSZÁG and AP. Above the left angel's wings is written the date. The rim is lined with a small scalloped pattern.

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