1 Korona KM487 Hungary

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Country Hungary
Value 1
Denomination Korona
KM# 487 Dates 1896 Notes 1 Korona (Hungary)


AHKcoin 1 1896arpad obverse

Franz Joseph I in profile, facing right and wearing the Holy Crown of Hungary. He is wearing a collared shirt and riding jacket. Below his lapel on the left is written "K.B.", the mint mark. At the bottom of the coin is written "1 KORONA" with a round bullet point on either side. Starting to the left of this and written in ring encircling the coin is the phrase "AZ EZERÉVES MAGYARORSZÁG EMLÉKÉRE" (translation: "Commemoration of the millenial of Hungary") followed by the year.


AHKcoin 1 1896arpad reverse

A man in armor (Árpád, considered the founder of Hungary) riding a horse, facing from right to left on a three-quarter diagonal. The man has an axe tucked behind his belt buckle and is wearing a winged helmet and a round shield on his thigh. He is standing up on his stirrups and his left hand is pointing down, index finger extended, as though he is giving a command. The horse is being led by a woman in flowing dress on the left, its right leg lifted as though about to take a step. To the right of the horse is a soldier wearing a tunic and holding a sword in his right hand. In his left hand he is grasping the sheath of his sword, which is attached to his belt. The faces of two more soldiers can be seen in the background.

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