1 Pengo KM521

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Country Hungary
Value 1
Denomination Pengo
KM# 521 Dates 1941-1944 Notes


In the center is the Hungarian coat of arms. This consists of a shield with a crown on top. The left half of the shield has eight horizontal stripes of alternating colors. The right half of the shield consists of a double cross (a normal Christian cross but with a shorter horizontal piece above the the main horizontal bar), at the base of which is a small crown. Below this is a representation of three small hills which looks like a cloud. The crown has a jewelled band at the bottom above which are rounded and pointed rays alternating. The crown is rounded at the top, with two crossing corona latina, and there is a beaded cross on the top which is tilted slightly to the left. Written in a ring around the edge of the coin are the words “MAGYAR KIRÁLYSÁG” (meaning “Kingdom of Hungary”).


A large number “1” about half the height of the coin at the top, below which is written the denomination, “PENGŐ”. Below this are two horizontal S-shaped scroll lines which meet in the middle. There is a small dot above the point where they meet and below them is written in small lettering “SE”. At the bottom of the coin is written the year, and emanating outwards from it on either side to border the coin is a wreath, which has clusters of three leaves separated by small clusters of berries. 

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