20 Filler KM483 Hungary

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Country Hungary
Value 20
Denomination Filler
KM# 483 Dates 1892 Notes 20 Filler (Hungary)


AHKf 20 1916 obverse

The Holy Crown of Hungary, with three hanging pendants visible. Below the middle pendant is written the year. At the bottom of the coin is a six-pointed star. Starting to the left of this is written in a ring "MAGYAR KIRÁLYI VÁLTÓPÉNZ". There is a small scalloped pattern lining the rim of the coin.


HUK 20 filler 1921 reverse

Two sheaves of wheat tied together at the bottom like a wreath. In the center of the coin is written a large "20" and below it the word "FILLÉR". Just above the wreath in small lettering is written "K-B", the mint mark. There is a small scalloped border to the coin.

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