25 Cents KM346 United States

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Country United States
Value 25
Denomination Cents
KM# 346 Dates 2003 Notes 50 State Quarter (Missouri)


In the center is a profile of George Washington facing left. He is wear a parliamentary wig tied with a bow at the back. Above him is written "LIBERTY" and below him is written "QUARTER DOLLAR". Below his chin to the left is written "LIBERTY", and to the right of him, starting level with his earlobe, is written in small lettering "IN GOD WE TRUST", with IN and TRUST on their own separate lines. Below this, level with Washington's bow, is the mint mark, either a D, a P or an S.


Lewis, Clark and York can be seen rowing down the Missouri River in a wooden dugout boat, with the wake of the boat and the oar on the right-had side visible. They are sailing through an avenue of trees on either side of the river bank and towards the Gateway Arch in St Louis, which was completed in 1965. Above the arch is written in a straight line "CORPS OF DISCOVERY" and below this phrase on either side of the arch is written "1804" (on the left) and "2004" (on the right). At the bottom of the coin is written in small lettering "E PLURIBUS UNUM" and above it is written "2003".

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