25 Cents KM424 Alaska United States

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Country United States
Value 25
Denomination Cents
KM# 424 Dates 2008 Notes 50 State Quarter (Alaska)


A grizzly bear with a salmon caught in its jaws lumbers through the rapids below a waterfall. The grizzly bear is balancing on its back legs with its forelegs raised slightly, at a three-quarter angle facing from left to right, but to head turned to the front and down.Its left front paw is raised up and curled inward, with the claws visible. In its jaws is a salmon, facing from left to right and flopping down. Water is splashing up around the bear on all sides and a waterfall can be seen in the background to the left. A pine branch can be seen hanging over the river at the top of the waterfall. Next the bear to the right is written "THE GREAT LAND" and below the bear's paw to the right is written in tiny lettering "CLV". At the top of the coin is written "ALASKA" with a five-pointed star flanking it to the right and below it is written "1959". At the bottom of the coin is written in small lettering "E PLURIBUS UNUM" and above it is written "2008".

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