2 Filler KM506 Hungary

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Country Hungary
Value 2
Denomination Filler
KM# 506 Dates 1938 Notes 2 Filler (Hungary)


HUPf 1 1938 obverse

The Holy Crown of Hungary, with three hanging pendants visible. Below the middle pendant is written the year. Written in a ring around this from top to bottom and left to right is the phrase "MAGYAR KIRÁLYSÁG" (meaning "Kingdom of Hungary").


HUPf 2 1940steel reverse

A large "2" and below it the word "FILLÉR".This is encircled by art deco-type scrolls. The two at the bottom, which stretch to three-quarters of the way up the coin, look like tall waves breaking outwards. Between them at the bottom is written in small lettering "BP.", the mint mark. The top piece of the design consists of two small scroll shapes joined at the middle by what appears to be a small crown.

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