2 Pengő KM511 Hungary

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Country Hungary
Value 1
Denomination Pengő
KM# 511 Dates 1939 Notes 2 Pengő (Hungary)


HUP 5coin 1939 obverse

The Hungarian coat of arms but with two angels, one on either side, each holding up the crown with one hand. The angels are in profile, both facing the crown in the the center, their wings aloft and pointing to the edge of the coin. They have halos and are wearing long dresses which flow down to their ankles. The shield is bordered along its two bottom edges by sixteen tiny crosses. Below the shield is a wreath with oak leaves on the right-hand side, and straight, spiky leaves on the left-hand side. This entire insignia (save the overlap from the angels' wings) is surrounded by a circle. Inside the top of the circle is the outline of some clouds. Outside the circle at the top of the coin is written “MAGYAR - KIRÁLYSÁG” and at the bottom is written “2 PENGŐ”. Between these two phrases on either side is what looks like an old English “f” followed by a club symbol followed by another old English “f”. Just inside the rim of the coin is a tiny scalloped pattern.


The Madonna seated cross-legged and draped in a length of cloth with Jesus, his left arm reaching upward, seated on her knee to the right. They both have halos behind their heads and the Madonna is also wearing a crown similar to that in the coat of arms. Behind them is a silhouette of a radiant sun. Around the edge of the coin to the left is written “MAGYARORSZAG” and to the right is written “VEDASSZONYA”. At the bottom is written the year, with a dot on either side separating it from the other script. Just inside the rim of the coin is a tiny scalloped pattern.

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