5 Cents KM 134 United States

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Country United States
Value 5
Denomination Cents
KM# 134 Dates 1913-1938 Notes Buffalo Nickel



Right-facing profile of a male Native American, with hair braided to the side and tied with string, and two feathers entwined in the back of his hair. Around the edge of the coin to the right of his forehead is written “LIBERTY”, and to the right of his braid, at the base of his neck, is written the year.



Profile of a bison, facing to the left, which includes the patch of ground on which it is standing. Above it and around the edge of the coin is written “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. Below AMERICA in tiny lettering is written the words “E – PLURIBUS – UNUM”. Below the bison the phrase “FIVE CENTS” is written on one line.

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