5 Pengő KM517 Hungary

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Country Hungary
Value 5
Denomination Pengő
KM# 517 Dates 1939 Notes 5 Pengő (Hungary)


HUP 5coin 1939 obverse

A left-facing profile of Governor Miklós Horthy of Hungary, with left parting and short hair slicked back. He is wearing full navy uniform, having served as an admiral prior to the end of World War I. A tasseled epaulette and military badges can be seen on his left shoulder and chest respectively. Around the edge of the coin is written “VITÉZ - NAGYBÁNYAI - HORTHY - MIKLÓS - MAGYARORSZÁG - KORMÁNYZÓJA" (Translation: “Vitéz Miklós Horthy de Nagybánya, Regent of Hungary”).


HUP 5coin 1939 reverse

The Hungarian coat of arms held up by two angels and with a halo over the crown. The angel on the left has her arms down and holding the shield, while the angel on the right has her left arm bent at the elbow and the wrist and holding the sign. Both angels have their hair pinned up into buns, they are wearing flowing, floor-length dresses, and have their wings folded behind them. The bottom tip of the shield separates the four-digit year into two groups of two digits. Below this is a horizontal line representing the ground. Below this line is written “5PENGŐ” with no space between the words but “5” is larger than “PENGŐ”. Below this is a small mark that says “BP.”. At the top of the coin is written “MAGYAR KIRÁLYSÁG”.

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