5 pengo 525 Hungary

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Country Hungary
Value 5
Denomination Pengo
KM# 525 Dates Notes


The parliament building of Hungary, with a central dome on a high tower. This is flanked by a tall turret on either side. Further away from the center are two lower rectangular towers on either side, each with turrets at their corners. Directly below the central tower is written in small lettering “PRÒBAVERET” (meaning “pattern coin”). Around the top of the coin is written “MAGYAR - ÁLLAMI” (meaning “State of Hungary”) and around the bottom of the coin is written “VÁLTÓPÉNZ” (possible translation “currency transmission”).


The coat of arms of Hungary (shield and crown) with four vine leaves emanating from behind the shield, two on either side. Below the leaves on either side are two stylized sheaves of wheat (consisting of triangles and straight lines), pointing directly outward and horizontal from the shield. Underneath each wheat sheaf is a bunch of grapes in an upside-down triangle shape, each bunch having ten grapes. The point at the bottom of the shield divides the four small digits of the year into two groups of two digits. Right below this is written a large “5” and below this along the edge of the coin is written “PENGŐ”.