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Apple logo

Although the inside color and design of the Apple logo has changed a few times over the years, the silhouette has always been the same – an apple with a bite out of it. The shape of the apple is typical but perhaps a little more rounded than some apple shapes, looking like a circle with two bumps on top and bottom. Naturally, the bumps on top are wider than the bottom two, and the lines of these bumps are very soft and rounded. A single leaf shape sets just above the top center of the apple, slightly detached from the apple as if floating in space. It goes up diagonally from the center to the right and is a typical long oval leaf shape with soft pointed ends.

The inside of the logo has changed a bit over time. Originally, it had thick, straight horizontal layers of different colors, starting with a leafy green on top that included the leaf. Underneath that was a mustard yellow, orange, red, purple, and a deep sky blue on bottom.

After that it was solid black. Next, it was chrome colored with a heavy outline and shading that made it appear 3-D, almost like a gel-filled soft button or sticker you could push. After that it was a very light, grayish silver color. The shading on this one makes it seem like sun is shining on it from the upper left with that corner fairly white and the lower rest of the apple shaded a fuzzy soft gray. A dark gray line cuts across the apple from the lower left side to the top right corner, separating the shaded part from the lighter part.

The most recent apple uses the same rainbow colors as the first one, but they all sort of swirl together like a water color painting. The left side is mostly the warm colors of yellow, orange, and then red at the bottom. The right side is mostly blue with a little purple at the bottom. The green color is found in the leaf and down through the center, fusing the two sides together.