Bicentennial Lincoln Cent KM201B United States

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Country United States
Value 1
Denomination Cents
KM# 201B Dates 1999 Notes Bicentennial Lincoln Cent (Lincoln Memorial)


A profile of Abraham Lincoln facing to the right, wearing a collared shirt, jacket and bow tie. Above his head is written in small letters “IN GOD WE TRUST”, to his left at neck level is printed the word “LIBERTY” and in front of him below the level of the bow tie is written the year, and below the year is the mint mark.


2005 Penny Rev Unc D

The Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC viewed from the front with the statue of Lincoln vaguely visible in the center of the twelve Doric columns.Decorative details of the friezes on the monument and also visible. At either side of the base of the stairs in front of the monument is a Greek urn.To the bottom right of the monument is written in tiny lettering "FG". Above the monument is written in small lettering "E - PLURIBUS - UNUM -", with UNUM on its own line. At the top of the coin is written "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA", and at the bottom of the coin is written in big lettering "ONE CENT".

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