Bicentennial Lincoln Cent KM442 United States

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Country United States
Value 1
Denomination Cent
KM# 442 Dates 2009 Notes Bicentennial Lincoln Cent (Formative Years in Indiana)


2002 Penny Proof Obv

A profile of Abraham Lincoln facing to the right, wearing a collared shirt, jacket and bow tie. Above his head is written in small letters “IN GOD WE TRUST”, to his left at neck level is printed the word “LIBERTY” and in front of him below the level of the bow tie is written the year, and below the year is the mint mark.


A yound adult Lincoln, at a three-quarter angle facing left, sitting on a log reading a book. His hair is short and a little unkempt and he is wearing a collared shirt with sleeves rolled up and trousers which are tucked into his knee-high buttoned boots and held up by suspenders over his shoulders. A handkerchief is sticking out of his back pockets. The log on which he is sitting has a split which reaches just past the center of the log. Further down the log to the left is a large spike driven into the log and leaning on the log beside Lincoln on the left is an anvil which would no doubt be used to hit the spike. To the left of Lincoln is written "ONE CENT", each word to its own line.Just below the far right end of the log is written in tiny lettering "CLV". At the top of the coin is written "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA", and at the bottom is written "E - PLURIBUS - UNUM".

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