Cherry Blossom Tree

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Cherry Blossom Tree

The trunk of the Cherry Blossom tree is often knobby, rough, and fairly dark. The main branches start to jut out at sharp, odd angles from a fairly low point on the trunk and then work their way back up and out in random sharp and curvy angles.

These main branches become skinnier as they extend outwards and branch off into many more skinnier branches. Depending on the tree, the random curves and angles of the branches are often visible through the light pink flowers in bloom all over the tree.

The flowers line thin branches that stick out or hang from larger branches. They range in color from a very light pink that’s almost white to a brighter yet still soft pink. In some trees, the thin branches the flowers cover don’t stick out far from their main branches and look like small and large cottony tufts of flowers. In other trees, the branches of flowers hang in long lines like a weeping willow tree but with flowers instead of leaves.

Because of the tree’s density of flowers, people who walk underneath one, or especially a grove of them, experience the unique sensation of walking underneath a canopy of pink flowers.