Christ the Redeemer

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Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer is a 98-foot or 30-meter tall statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro that stands on the peak of a tree-covered, grassy mountain as if surveying the busy city below. It is slightly shorter than the Statue of Liberty at 46 meters from base to torch. The outstretched arms of this larger-than-life Jesus statue reach 92 feet or 28 meters in width. The statue is art deco in style and therefore is realistic but not overly. Jesus appears very tall and somewhat flat, especially in the lower section, which is a pleated-type robe. On top of this is a loosely draped robe in the style of many typical Jesus portraits with one side draped over a shoulder and the other hanging down the front of the other shoulder.

Part of the Christ’s bare chest is showing just below his neck, and a small heart shape is raised from this chest in the center just above the robe. Jesus’ open hands with visible scars in the palms stretch out from the loose sleeves of the cloak.

His hair appears to be just past shoulder length, falling down the back and parted in the middle. He has a rather long chin, a slightly downward-turned, pensive mouth, thin cheeks, and concerned eyebrows.

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