Cleveland Art Museum

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Cleveland Art Museum

The white Georgian marble, Beaux-Arts building, stands overlooking the lagoon, making it one of the most vibrant assets in University Circle neighborhood. Before reaching the museum’s entrance, a series of steps with a three-head outdoor lamp-post balustrade on each side is depicted on the first level. The second level is inclined with grass lawn and trimmed shrubs and hedges on the sides and concrete pavement alongside it. On the third level is the Fountain of the Waters with concrete steps leading up with balustrades on each side.

The museum’s facade has three levels of stairs. At the first level stand another set of balustrade and a sculpture of the Thinker. At the second level sets a cornerstone on either side of the stairs. These stairs lead up to the entrance where four Baroque columns stand with a pointed pediment. Behind it is a series of three double doors that welcomes every guest into the museum.

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