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Coca-Cola logo.svg

The Coca-Cola logo is either a bold Christmas red color on a white background or a white color on a red background. The font is very old-fashioned, fancy, slanted and full of swirls and loops, as though it were written in italic, cursive calligraphy. The two C’s that start each part of the word are capital letters, and the rest of the letters are all lowercase.

The two parts Coca and Cola are separated with a hyphen that’s shaped like a square with slanted sides. The Cs in both parts are the same size and height, but the rest of the Coca part is in the middle of the C while the rest of the Cola part is at the bottom of the C like most capitalized words.

The C in Coca starts at the top with a heavy dot and then curves around the entire o in front of it. The bottom of the C continues underneath the whole Coca part, curving back up and then down again and ending like a fish tail.

The top part of the C in Cola curves downward in a thin line and loops back up over itself. The rest of the line after the loop thickens again and threads through the loop of the cursive l until finally finishing upward in a point. The bottom of the C thins as it curves around back towards the center and then thickens again as it finishes downward in a small spiral.