Date Palm

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Date Palm Trees

The date palm tree has a long skinny trunk and leaves sprouting only from the very top in one large tuft. These fan-like leaves stick up, out, and down in all directions like a fountain.

Long triangle-shaped dry leaf stocks surround the trunk of the date palm in layers, overlapping each other with the pointed top part sticking up and out. These dry leaves make the trunk somewhat resemble the skin of a pineapple but with longer leaves. When the leaves are missing or have fallen off, the trunk itself appears to be made up of protruding lumps of wood roughly shaped like flat curvy diamonds, interlocked in a loose, alternating pattern.

Dates on date palm

The long leaves sprouting from the top of the trunk start out with a long center stem, and a little ways from the tree, little soft needle-like leaflets start to fan out on either side of the stem to the tip. Depending on the region and time of year, the leaves can be a vibrant spring green or a more faded brownish green.

When in season, long, strap-like stems rise from the top of the trunk like the other leaves but then hang down heavy with a large cluster of dates. These dates are attached by several smaller stems that droop from the long strap-like stems all around. The clusters of dates somewhat resemble clusters of grapes, and their color ranges from green to yellow to orange to red and brown.