Draped Bust Half Cent KM33 United States

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Country United States
Value Half
Denomination Cents
KM# 33 Dates 1800-1808 Notes Draped Bust Half Cent


1800 half cent obv

Liberty in profile facing right, with her curly hair down and being blown backwards by the wind. She is wearing a cloth draped across her chest. At the top of the coin is written "LIBERTY" and at the bottom of the coin is written the year.


In the center of the coin is written "HALF CENT", one word to each line. Around this is a laurel wreath, which is tied with a ribbon in a bow at the bottom of the wreath. Between the two ends of the ribbon falling down below the wreath, is a fraction, either "1/100" or "1/200". Starting to the left of this and forming a ring around the entire coin is the writing "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA".

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