Eiffel Tower

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Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is an imposing structure located within a large public park in the city of Paris, France. The park has trees, green-spaces and expansive water-features with fountains and sculptures. The tower is by far the tallest construction for many miles around and can be seen from a great distance away. The overall shape is like a tall triangle which is much narrower at the top than the base.

The tower is constructed from sturdy metal which is made up of thicker metal bars and narrower strips of diamond latticework which criss-cross between the metal bars. The tower starts on a base of four pillars, or legs. Each leg is sunken into a thick slab of concrete and angles inwards at it rises to form the first level of the tower. The space between the ground and the first level is designed to form a wide arch with decorative metal grillwork featuring a curved scroll design. The arches provide a clear view from one side of the base of the tower to the other. The first storey of the tower is rectangular and has windows to all sides.

Above, the four legs continue to extend upwards, now with a narrower structure and less extreme inward facing angle. This forms a rectangular shape between the legs. At approximately half of the full height of the tower is the second storey, much smaller than the first. Above this the legs fuse into a column, which has a platform half way up, and another at the top. The top platform has open balcony areas to each side, allowing those who visit to observe the views of the city below. On the roof of the top platform is an antenna.

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