Empire State Building

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Empire State Building
The Empire State Building, standing tall at 102 stories, towers over all the other buildings surrounding it, making them look minuscule and unimportant. Tall rectangular blocks form the base at varying heights, the shortest level on the outside, then a little higher, and a little higher after that, until you reach the tallest middle section. The tallest rectangular blocks stretch upward almost to the top of the building.

On two sides of the building, the walls of these sections are flat, but on the other two sides, these rectangular sections, jut out slightly, making the building appear recessed in the center from top to bottom or like the outer walls are enclosing a smaller section within. The upper level, which is slightly skinner, is structured the same way. The way all of these rectangle segments of the building stretch upward, one on top of the other, makes it look as though the skyscraper is in motion, climbing to the skies.

The sides are covered with windows, revealing just how many floors there are and how many offices are hidden within. As if the building wasn’t tall enough, the top of the concrete building is mounted with a long, slender needle-like structure with a wide base and pointed top. It’s impressive height and stature leaves no room for doubt that this building represents not only New York City, but also America.

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