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Google logotype Google dots Google G

Google's logo and identity family includes the Google logotype, Google dots, and the Google G. Before, there was just the logotype – it was the word "Google" in serif font. Now, the logotype has changed to a sans serif font with the same colors, except the blue and green colors look a little brighter. It looks more playful and less serious than the old logo.

The Google dots are four animated circles, usually displayed in a horizontal line, and are blue, red, yellow, green from left to right. They're used when Google's intelligence (such as Voice Search) is at work, and different animations of the dots represent different things that are happening (e.g. Voice Search is listening, the user is speaking, etc.).

The Google G is the capital letter G in the same font as the logotype. It includes all four colors. The colors aren't evenly divided within the letter, but starting from the top and going counter-clockwise, the colors are red, yellow, green, and blue.

Old Google logo (pre-2015)


The Google logo is the word Google with the letters are lower case except for the G at the beginning. The colors of each letter are as follows: The first G is blue, the following o is red, the next o is mustard yellow, the following g is blue again, the l is green, and the e at the end is the same red as the o. Each letter has slight to make it seem as though a little light is reflecting on them or that they are slightly 3-D.

The letters are thin, and with all the large open circles and holes in the big G, the o’s, the little g, and the e, a lot of the white background shows through. The font is an old style with little tips sticking out on the ends of the g’s and the l, as if a calligraphy pen had written it. The lowercase g is also very old-looking, appearing more like round spectacles or glasses tilted on their side with the lower circle just slightly wider than the top circle. However old-fashioned the font is, the word also has a lighthearted, playful feel. The two o’s and the e are tilted to the left like they’re in italics, though the rest of the letters are not, and the bright primary colors give off a youthful, elementary school feel.