Grand Central Terminal

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Grand Central Terminal

The Grand Central Terminal is an expansive wide, open area in the shape of a rectangle, with a ceiling that arches from one of the longer sides to the other. The whole appearance of it is very grand and old but with an renovated, modern feel.

The arched ceiling forms a canopy over the massive terminal and is a bright, vivid green, though one can see the outline of the bricks underneath. Pictures of the constellations have been outlined in a creamy, yellow color on its surface.

Wide, square columns made of different shapes of rectangle stone bricks support this high, arched ceiling along the long sides. The bricks are varying shades of cream, tan, orange, and brown. An American flag stretches out off the side of one of these columns. A little lower than midway down these columns is a second floor, which opens to the main area. Visitors can peer over a stone railing to the main floor. On the main floor below this railing and between the columns, arches stretch over stairs, walkways, and escalators.

On one of the long sides, though, there is no second floor. Instead, this wall is lined with departure readings, ticket booths, and customer service counters.

A large rope type of light lines a beam that runs along where the columns meet the start of the arched ceiling. Above this beam are half-circle windows covered with vertical bars and one horizontal bar near the top. A stone, decorative awning-type feature, which arches and comes to a point at the top, surrounds these half-circle windows and curves inward with the arched ceiling.

Aside from these windows, light also pours in from three tall, barred windows with arched tops on one of the shorter ends of the terminal where visitors enter and go down stairs to the main area.

The floor is of the same material as the columns with alternating colors but has a polished look. In the middle of the floor lies a small, circular service or information desk.

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