Half Dollar KM 142 United States

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Country United States
Value 0.5
Denomination Dollar
KM# 142 Dates 1916-1947 Notes Walking Liberty Half Dollar


Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1945D Obverse

A design of Liberty walking towards the left. Her head is facing left and her right arm is outstretched with palm facing upwards. She is wearing a long flowing dress and in her left arm she carries a laurel and an oak branch. She is also clutching an American flag, which is blowing behind her to the left. In the lower right of the coin is a sun, with rays extending outward. In a ring along the upper edge of the coin is written in big lettering “LIBERTY”, with the B, E, and R being partially obscured by the flag and branches. To the right of Liberty's right calf is written “IN GOD WE TRUST”, two words to each line. At the bottom of the coin is written the year.


Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1945D Reverse

An eagle with wings partially raised, walking towards the left and with an olive branch clutched in his right talons. Above the eagle is written “UNITED – STATES – OF – AMERICA” and beneath the eagle is written “HALF – DOLLAR”. On the left of the coin just below UNITED and above the olive branch is written “E – PLURIBUS – UNUM” in small lettering.

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