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Adding new descriptions

There are two ways to add new descriptions. The first is very easy, the second is more involved, but it is up to you which one you choose.

Maintaining a Wiki article requires some knowledge. You can either decide to take the more difficult rout and properly edit an article, or you can just create a description, throw your thoughts into it, and have somebody else format it for you.

If the whole thing seems too complex, but you would like to describe objects, just take the easy route, it will be used and appreciated.

We will certainly need people who are able to edit properly formatted articles, but we also would like to reach out to those who have the willingness to describe, but do not want to deal with editing.

To get started, [ register an account}. The reason is that if we let people edit without a registration, we will be receiving quite a bit of spam. When you register, we can verify that you have a valid email address and that you are a real person. It should only take a couple of minutes.

When you want to add a description, just log in and you are good to go.

There are two ways to decide what you are going to describe. There is a wishlist, you can just open it and follow any link on it to describe.

The other way is if you can't find what you want to describe on the wishlist, you can create your own item. All you have to do is to type it into the search field. Whether you have typed an item or followed one from the wishlist, chances are that it doesn't exist. The system will ask you if you want to create it. Press create it if you want to describe this item.

If you don't care about editing, all you have to do is to type your description and save the article. However, there is one thing you can help us with: provide any resources you have worked from, a page or an image where you found the object to be described. If you can do it, it will help us a lot. If not, no big deal, don't let this stop you from describing, we will figure out the details.

How to write a description?

When you describe an item, remember that it will be read mostly by blind people. We will try our best to find images for those who have some vision, but make sure that your description makes sense without being able to see the picture.

The easiest guidance is, think about how would you describe an item to a friend over the phone. If it makes sense on the phone, it will make sense on this site.

For those who are willing to edit the articles

If you are still reading and willing to add extra information to your articles to make our work easier, here is how you can help:

Each description needs one or more categories to help us display it in the list where it belongs. If an item doesn't have a category, we are going to have to categorize it, so by default it won't show up when people browse items.

When you are done describing your item, add your category to the very end of the article. Each article can have more categories. For example, if you want to describe the Empire State Building, the categories will be: Buildings, United States, New York, New York City.

But if you describe an animal, we don't have to categorize it by location, rather, by other criteria.

Each description will need one main category, other subcategories will depend on what the object is.

You will have to add categories at the very  end of each description.

The main categories are added as follows: [[Category:Buildings]] [[Category:Coins]]

If you would like to add a subcategory to an item, in case of the Empire State Building for example, it is done as follows:

[[Category:Buildings]] [[Category:United States]] [[Category:New York]] [[Category:New York City]]

By default, these categories won't be subcategories of each other, but that's ok. Just add the required categories, even if they previously didn't exist, we will sort them out.

Add a picture

To make the site more appealing, please add a picture to the description. It is recommended that you searc on Wikimedia, because you can immediately see if the picture is freely usable and you don't have to worry about providing credits, it is added automatically.

To add the picture, open the page on Wikimedia, for example, the Pentagon. You will find a link which says, use this file on a wiki. Open this link.

You will find something like this:

[[File:The Pentagon US Department of Defense building.jpg|The Pentagon US Department of Defense building]]

Copy and paste this information on the top of the description.

You will have to modify it, because all this does is dropping the picture on the page.

After the first | character, indicate where to place the picture. It should be left, or right. Then add another | and define the size of the picture, for example 400px and add another |. Change the description if needed, but all pictures should have a description, without exception.

The final result should look like this:

Pentagon building

At this point, the picture will be on the left and the text will flow around it.

Make sure you don't have a blank line between the picture and the following paragraph, otherwise the text will be below the picture.

You can add more than one picture the same way.

Adding resources

At the end of the description, before you define the categories, please add related resources to help people find more information.

The two most frequently used resource types are a link about the object on Wikipedia if one exists, and the official page of the boject, for example a building if there is such a thing. In most categories this won't be applicable. One example is:

==Related links== * [[wikipedia:white_house|The White House - on Wikipedia]] * [ The White House - official page]

Please note that there is a different format to add a web link and a Wikipedia link. When you add a Wikipedia link, follow the format above, and only use the part of the URL after the last slash.

Describing buildings

When you add a building, indicate what the building is, where it is located, and any other relevant information. You don't have to include detailed information which can be found at other places, for example on Wikipedia, because in the resources we will provide links to more information.

After you describe the building, please add the building category, the country, state and city.

Describing coins

Coins are a little more complex than other objects, in order to keep an easy to understand system in place, we need to do things in a certain way.

The first thing is the title: The title consists of the denomination, the unit name, the KM# and country. The only unusual thing here maybe the km#. It is a number that is assigned to each coin by country to ensure that all coins are distinguished as unique ones. For example, there have been many quarter Dollars in the United States, but each one has a unique KM#.

So a US 1 Cent would look like this:

1 Cent KM#67 United States

This will ensure we get a title that will not conflict with any other coins.

Just for better readability, you should repeat this information in the description itself. For example: 1 Cent KM#: 67 Dates: 1839-1857

In the dates line you would describe the first and last year this coin was minted. This is useful to those who are not very familiar with KM numbers that they can immediately put the coin into perspective.

The next two things you need to describe is the coins obverse and reverse as follows:





At the end, you will have to add categories. In case of a coin, you want to add coins and country, as follows:


[[Category:United States]]

To make your work easier, there is a template you can use, but in this case the starting point will be a little more complex. The only way you can use the template if you create the description using a certain URL structure, as follows:

You may want to copy this URL into your browser and change some of the information:

  • value: the value of the coin, for example 1
  • den: the denomination of the coin, for example Cent
  • km: KM and the KM# of the coin, for example KM67
  • country: the name of the country the coin is from, if it has more than one words, for example, United States, you would use an underline character instead of spaces.

The above URL would be modified as:

Please make sure you do not change anything else in the URL, otherwise it won't work.

When you activate this URL, a template will appear where you will find the individual data fields. For each value is "..." by default. If you know the value, delete the dots and fill it in, otherwise leave it unchanged. There are other template related characters which you will recognize if you had done wiki editing previously, it is important that you leave those intact as well.

You can simply add your descriptions under the obverse and reverse lines, and additionally you can add resources under the related links.

At last, you will be asked to define the categories, which is partially done already. The only thing you will have to change on the last line is to replace "country" with the country the coin is from. Here you should use spaces if the country contains more than one word.