Lincoln Memorial

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Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is a large rectangle building set atop a larger rectangle slab that acts as an open porch. The porch wraps around the whole building and is lined evenly with 36 towering, ribbed columns that extend from the porch to the flat roof. These columns are 44 feet tall, or a little over four stories, and seven and a half feet wide in diameter at their base. They narrow slightly towards the top. From a distance, the whole building simply looks white, but the porch, columns, and building itself are all made up of stone blocks that are varying shades of light gray and white, so it has an almost checkered look to it.

The roof has the same measurements as the rectangle slab porch and is parallel to it. On top of this first roof is a smaller stone rectangle that allows the inside of the Memorial to reach 60 feet. The roof of this smaller section is recessed within the stone walls and has three large, triangle-shaped sky lights that take up the majority of the space.

All around the Lincoln Memorial building, the stone porch slab steps down two more levels until you reach the lawn, but these are tall steps not meant to climb. In the center of the front of the building, a wide stone ramp of stairs takes visitors from the front paved walk area to the bricked-in square of grass the building sets on to the porch and main entrance. The main entrance is a wide, open space from the floor to the ceiling with two more columns visitors walk around to get inside.

Just beyond these columns, sits the statue of Abraham Lincoln. Nineteen feet in height, the statue depicts the former president in a long-coated suit, sitting with perfect posture in a stone chair. He appears to be surveying the land beyond the Memorial.

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