Museum of Modern Art New York

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Museum Of Modern Art Street View

The Museum of Modern Art is located on a busy, tree-lined Manhattan street with a wide pavement in front. In contrast to the tall, sky-scraper structures surrounding it, the building is lower and is shaped like a block. The museum entrance faces onto the street and is roughly rectangular. There are both revolving doorways and standard doorways, all of which are made from clear glass, allowing visitors to see into the spacious interior. Some of the entrance doors have information, such as opening hours, printed on them in white. Above the doorways, the words “The Museum of Modern Art” are spelt out in black. Above street level, the windows become translucent and are separated into one row of large squares, followed by a row of smaller squares and then a row of rectangles. This section is set back slightly from the upper storeys, creating an overhang. The upper storey windows are made from dark reflective glass.

Museum of Modern Art Grounds

Outside, the museum has a large, rectangular shaped garden area with plain, high white walls. People inside the garden would not be able to see the street outside. The garden has several groups of trees growing in irregularly shaped flower beds with angular borders and low growing plants at the base. Another feature is a rectangular pool, which can be crossed by a simple bridge which is a single flat slab raised slightly with one step at each end. To the opposite side is a seating area with tables and chairs. There is an overhang supported by narrow bars, which provides those seated at the tables with shelter from rain and sunshine.