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Pentagon Building

The Pentagon has, as its name suggests, five equal sides with a pentagon-shaped outdoor plaza in the center, so it looks like a large, five-sided ring. The Pentagon commands the surrounding landscape with its impressive six and a half million square feet, 0.2 square miles or the size of over 100 football fields. However, it is not very tall as it only has five floors above ground and two below ground. Because of how wide yet short this building is, it appears flat and shorter than it really is.

The outdoor plaza in the center of the building has a concrete walk lining the farthest edges and five walks that lead to the center. Perfectly trimmed grass, trees, and bushes dot the rest of the landscape within the plaza, as well as the landscape surrounding the building itself.

The roof of the Pentagon is in ten sections, and each section has three rows in the shape of long rectangles or L-shaped segments in the cornered sections. In between these three rows, it appears to be open space, so that the windows on the insides of the walls face each other.

The outer concrete sides of the Pentagon hold evenly spaced, perfectly patterned, rectangle windows that give off a very straightforward, impersonal, professional feel, which matches the serious business happening inside.

The only things more vast than the building itself are the parking lots on either side, which truly put the size of the building and its capacity for employees and guests into perspective.

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