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Red rose

Roses are known for being one of the most commonly gifted flower and for their thorny stems. A rose bush has many blossoms. When a single rose is cut, its stem has thorns or prickles and generally a few clusters of leaves. The leaves are the typical rounded leaf shape that’s pointed at the end but are distinct because of how they have pointy ridges where each vein extending from the center crease meets the outer edge of the leaf. The rose also has a few skinny, leaf-like sepals at the base of the rose that sometimes stick out and sometimes curve up the sides of the rose.

The rose itself varies in the number of petals it has, which is sometimes hard to tell with the way the wide petals curve around the flower. The petals seem to be layered around each other in an intricate spiral. The fuller roses have several small petals tucked closely into one another in the center, but the petals get larger as they extend outward. The petals in the outer few layers often curve back at the tips and have one or two tiny points on the otherwise rounded edges.

Roses vary in color with different breeding techniques, but the most common, natural colors are red, pink, yellow, and white.