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The sunflower has a tall, fuzzy, rough stalk for a stem that can range in height between 2 and 13 feet, or ½ and 4 meters. Most, but not all sunflowers have rounded, pointed leaves near the top attached with thinner fuzzy stems. The leaves themselves are rough as well.

Depending on the flower’s size, 34, 55, or 89 somewhat thin, golden yellow petals overlap each other around the large center. Many of the petals curl inward at the base near the center. Whether due to the curling or the reflection off of the brownish center, the lower part of the petals appear a darker, more brownish golden color than yellow.

The large seed head center of the sunflower ranges in color from dark yellow to dark brown and is made up of tiny seeds. These seeds sprout from the outer ring inward into tiny, protruding mini-flowers. The very center is flat, having not sprouted, with an array of seeds that appear to be arranged in a spiral motion. Therefore the outer ring of the center seed head sticks out and is often a different shade or color than the very center.