Sydney Opera House

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Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is set on a platform that extends out into the ocean like a peninsula. The building appears to have three different levels in the right side of the wooden front that jut out farther and farther the lower to the ground they go. Nearly seamless rows of windows light up the night sky between these levels so that it looks like the drawers of a dresser pulled out one on top of the other.

The left side of the building front looks the same as the right side, except there are only two levels with one row of windows in between. This row of windows is parallel to the higher row of windows on the left side. On this left side, a canopied walkway allows visitors to enter the building in style.

The most impressive aspect of the Sydney Opera House, though, is the roof. The roof is made up of several shell-type half-domes that are supposed to resemble a large sailing ship. They also somewhat resemble the peaks of waves. From the front of the building, each side has three of these peaked shells growing larger the farther back they go. The open side of the shell faces the front, and the outer sides come to an edge at the top like a slightly rounded triangle. Each shell backs up and sort of folds into into the next, larger shell until it turns the other way in one more shell facing the back.

The front of the open shells are glass windows going straight down that are divided vertically into several skinny, long panes. About midway down, the windows suddenly hit an angle and jut out in a circular fan shape until they reach the top of the building. The unique structure and all of the vertical lines make the peaked shells look somewhat like the front of a medieval knight’s helmet, except instead of the bottom part going back in to the neck, this glass structure fans outward.

A separate, smaller building just beyond has the same type of roof with just one small shell facing either side. At night with the windows all lit up, the Sydney Opera House is something to behold.