The Gramercy Residences

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The Gramercy Residences seen from Jupiter Avenue

The Gramercy Residences is a residential high-rise condominium. Inspired by the spirit of the great city of New York, the building has 73 floors with a total height of 250 m (820 ft) from the ground to its architectural top, making it as the tallest building in the Philippines since 2012. The structural design and engineering, however, is provided by a Hong Kong based firm.

The building forms a slight curve at the center with its four rectangular parts formed at varying height. The main asset of the building, the breathtaking Skypark, has a three-story waterfalls, infinity-edge pools, a designer restaurant, health club, cafe, spa, a garden island within a reflecting pool, and a cantilevered walkway suspended in mid-air with infinity pool at the side and glass handrails located outside, 36 stories from the ground and transverse the entire width of the building.