Tower of Pisa

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Tower of Pisa

The Tower of Pisa is a bell-tower located in Pisa, Italy. The tower is made from white marble and grey stone. It has a cylindrical shape and is hollow is the middle, forming a ring shape. It is particularly noticeable that the tower leans at an angle of just under 4 degrees. This means that the top is several meters south of the base.

At ground level, the tower is encircled by fifteen stonework columns. The columns are smooth and form an arch-shape with solid walls in between them. The columns are detailed with decorative capitals in the Romanesque style, with two layers of curved back leaf like shapes, topped with flowing scrolls and then a flat rectangle slab of stone. On the walls under each arch-way, there is an intricate diamond shaped motif with a carved three dimensional flower in the centre. At floor level, there are also doors to enter the building.

The tower is divided vertically into 8 floors. The second through to the seventh floor have 30 columns, the same as those described on the first floor but smaller, and are arranged in open galleries. The eighth and top floor has a smaller circumference than the lower floors and only has 12 columns. This top floor is the belfry and large bells hang in the spaces between the columns.