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Volkswagen logo.svg

The Volkswagen logo is a medium blue-colored circle with a silver rim outlining it and a white or light silver ring within that combines the letters v and w in a very interesting way that makes it hard to even notice the letters right away.

The white ring set on top of the solid blue circle is just a little bit smaller, leaving a blue rim around it about the same thickness as the ring itself. It is made to look 3-D with shading and some inside edges showing, making it look like it’s raised a little from the blue behind it. Attached to the inside of this white ring are the letters v on top and w on bottom, the same color white or light silver. The top of the two legs of the v, the top of the two legs of the w, and the two bottom parts of the w, all flow right into the white circle seamlessly.

The two letters almost meet in the very middle of the circle. Where the bottom of the v and the raised center of the w would normally be pointed, here they are both flat and parallel to each other, separated only by a small space that lets the blue background show through. The sides of the w stretch upward and out diagonally so that they are parallel with the sides of the v above. Because of how short the center of the w is, reaching only to the center of the circle, the legs of the w are almost twice the height as its center. The way the v and w are positioned, it appears that the v fits inside the w and on top of it at the same time.