White House

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White House


Though it was built over 200 years ago, the White House is maintained so well it appears new. The white color of the building is so bright it seems bleached, in pristine condition. Two rows of tall, spotless windows line the south façade of the building.

The main floor, which is elevated about a half-story from the ground, is accessible by two L-shaped staircases, one on each side of the rounded middle section that sticks out from the rest of the building. This middle section has five long columns in a half circle that extend to the top of the next floor and surround a rounded patio. On the patio are three tall, multi-pane windowed doors that act as the entrance. The windows on the rest of that main floor are the same height. Each windowed door and then window on that level has an alternating pointed and then rounded piece of woodwork resting on top.

The floor above the main entrance has a similar structure but is not quite as tall. The top level is surrounded by a balcony and can’t be seen very well. A basement level can be accessed from the ground through three entrances with rounded tops carved out of white stone bricks. The doors are recessed within those carved out entrances.

Other impressive features of the White House are the well-manicured lawn, the large but low-to-the-ground trees on either side of the entrance that cover most of the south façade but the center, a fountain surrounded by evenly trimmed bushes and red and blue flowers, and the American flag proudly waving from the roof.

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