Willis Tower

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Willis Tower

As the second tallest building in America, Willis Tower, Formerly called as Sears Tower, in Chicago Illinois reaches a height of 1729 feet. The exterior is black aluminum and covered from top to bottom in bronze-tinted windows fit closely together in rows with barely any space between them. This gives the building a very smooth, uniform look.

The building is comprised of tall, square-shaped blocks that rise together but stop at varying heights. The tallest segment is made up of two of these square-shaped blocks and therefore is in the shape of a rectangle.

The row of windows just before the middle of the building is as tall as three rows of windows put together. About ¾ of the way up is a row of blacked-out windows that is as tall as two rows of windows, which is repeated on the top of one of the block segments and at the very top of the tallest block.

On top of that, two silver, needle-like antennas light up the night sky and often change color.